Top Ten Most Common MFA-MRA Short Story Titles

The cover of the most recent issue of our prestigious journal
The cover of the most recent issue of our prestigious journal

Inspired by the recent publication of the Ten Most Common Short Story Titles, we at the literary journal MFA-MRA decided to apply similar analysis to our own submissions pile. MFA-MRA sits at the apex of the Men’s Rights Movement, presenting fiction written by those with a critical understanding of men’s oppression, written by those who aim to be the very Masters of Fine Arts. Granted, with their superior intellects and razor-sharp insight, our own unique writers are far less likely to fall into patterns of emotionally-driven conformity and *shudder* cliche, but a pattern did start to emerge.

As it turns out, great minds do, indeed, think alike. We offer these, our ten most common short story titles, to highlight the intellectual courage of our red-pill-popping contributors. Read on.

  1. 37 submissions
    Against the Tide

  2. Two way tie, 36 submissions each
    The Gentleman and The Thinking Man’s Burden

  3. 28 submissions
    She Would Be Sorry Someday

  4. Two way tie, 25 submissions each
    I Understand, I Said, And I Did and I, Gadfly

  5. 23 submissions
    Three To Seven Seemingly Random Words That Are In Fact An Out Of Context Hemingway Quote

  6. 20 submissions
    The Same But With Bukowski

  7. 19 submissions
    It’s Alright, I Know You Can Never Understand

  8. 17 submissions
    Women Who Have Hurt Me (Including One Who Actually Spoke to Me)

  9. 13 submissions
    I Was Going To Call It “My Struggle” Until Someone Reminded Me Whose Autobiography Was Called That So Instead Let’s Go With Loneliness

  10. 10 submissions
    The Burden of Genius

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