Margaret Killjoy

Margaret Killjoy is a wayfaring author, editor, and photographer whose interests include ecology, gift economics, and the serial comma.

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D. Markotin

D. Markotin is, unsurprisingly, an anarchist geek.

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Sadie the Goat

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Gutter Punk Josh

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Eric lives in Southern California along with the highest concentration of hate groups in North America. He used to be involved in steampunk, ren faires, and medieval reenactment until he figured out that these are what the people in the hate groups do to relax. Now he divides his free time between his homemade tabletop RPG and the IWW.

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Kraken is a sailing cephalopod who lurks in the waters of Puget Sound, the Gulf of Mexico and the Great Lakes. He’s found tentacles come in handy when trying to carry a pirate flag, a blunderbuss, and gaming dice while still trying to read a book and sail a ship. One tentacle for the ship, one tentacle for yourself, and six to do everything else.

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Wren Awry

Wren Awry is a writer, student and cook based in Tucson, AZ. They’re a contributor to and founding editor of Tiny Donkey, an undergraduate journal of online, fairy tale non-fiction affiliated with The Fairy Tale Review. They occasionally write criticism for the Anarcho-Geek Review, and their creative nonfiction has been published in Loom Art Zine. In the past, Wren dabbled in advocacy journalism, zine-making, and media strategy for environmental campaigns. Wren blogs at

Wren is interested in folklore, ecology, history, food studies, queer issues and dismantling capitalism, state power and the U.S.-Mexico border. Their favorite literary form is the micro-essay, and their favorite food (right now) is enchiladas smothered in red chile sauce.

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Ruhe is an anarchist who lives in the Midwest. Reading in front of a wood stove makes the winters bearable. Also involved with Sprout Distro at

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Anthropology major at a university in the southern U.S., Magic:TG, Marvel > DC,

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Sarah Tops

Bicycle mechanic by day, anarcho-nerd by night.

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A former “social worker”, street medic, WEMT, & harm reduction nerd who burned out & ran away to be an artist & fiddle with game design, theory & writing as a cure palliative for trauma & PTSD. Mixed gender, mixed race, possibly a witchcyborg, queer sex worker. IN DADA WE TRUST.

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John Withee

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Hawksmoor & Fox

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Riley MacLeod

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Rabbit is a member of the Earth First! Journal Collective. He can be reached at

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  1. Hey Sadie- I absolutely loved your Lansky story. He looks a bit like my grandpa.
    Anyways, I’m going to read your other eight things that are here, since this was great. Are you still considering writing the other story you mentioned?
    Of course you are…
    Thanks, Mark the monque

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