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The End of Anarcho-Geek Review

It’s with a strange mix of joy and sorrow that I announce the end of Anarcho-Geek Review.

Writing for this site got me through one of the darkest periods in my life. When anxiety had me too crippled to do anything but work, sleep, and consume media, it gave me an outlet. I could barely get out of bed, but I could rant about the video games I was playing, the books I was reading, and the movies I was watching. Amazing contributors came out of the woodwork, and Sadie the Goat let me talk her into becoming my co-editor.

But I never put in the work it would have taken to make AGR as amazing as it could have been. I wanted, most of all, to pay our contributors (and potentially pay our editors eventually). I wanted to do that because I believe that we need, as anti-capitalists, to learn to value otherwise un-valued labor. Certainly including writers. That would have taken a lot more work at promotion and fundraising, which none of us had the energy for.
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